Virtue storage is forming an integral part in the future development of Smart Cities, enabling energy generated from sources such as wind and solar to be stored locally and ultimately more efficiently.


Virtue is an integrated energy management and micro-grid solution with smart grid control.

By allowing ultimate flexibility to business users and electricity grid operators, Virtue enables the evolution from the traditional model of electricity provision to a future smart system of integrated supply and consumption, resulting in lower energy costs, greater security of supply and the transition to a low carbon economy.

Modular systems


Cost reduction - The system will store energy during night hours where there is usually excessive electricity generation (low cost) and use it during the day (high cost).

Smart grid integration - The system behaves like a virtual power station, and is constantly in communication with the grid, allowing participation in schemes such as FFR (Firm Frequency Response) & EFR (Enhanced Frequency Response).

UPS functionality - Critical loads downstream of the supply provided for the charger will have full UPS protection for typically 30 minutes.

CO₂ reduction - By diverting the use of energy from day time to night time, where generation is higher than demand, there is a substantial CO₂ saving. DECC has agreed that for each kWh diverted from day usage to night usage, there is 0.49636kg C0₂ saved.

Renewable connectivity - Renewable energy can be connected directly (direct DC) to charge the storage medium for future DSR or charging.

Scale - Systems can be connected in series to provide any output up to 10MVA power output and 50MWh storage