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VOLTAGE AS A SERVICE (TM) (VaaS) (TM) is a unique and innovative service delivery model whereby customers subscribe to and purchase voltage management services.

Key features

  • Voltage control as the delivered service
  • Guaranteed energy reduction
  • Cash flow positive as Service Fees are less than Guaranteed Energy Reduction
  • No maintenance costs
  • Remote monitoring and reporting
  • Performance reward to Service Provider
  • Integration of distributed generation and storage
  • Achieve 4Q reactive power support 
  • Enterprise wide uninterruptible power solutions

VAAS may be utilised to deploy

VaaS Value Proposition

The value proposition is based around the following:

  • Voltage is managed as a service, based on KPIs
  • Benefits are two-fold: energy reduction and asset protection
  • Outcomes are readily measured, through energy and O&M savings, as well as avoidance of capital expenditure
  • Operating cash flow enhancement
  • Risk mitigation
  • Off balance sheet solution

Benefits of voltage control 

  • Reduce kWh energy consumption of all connected loads
  • Extends equipment life
  • Protects sensitive equipment from voltage transients that cause failure (eg: LED lighting, computers, VSDs etc)
  • Reduces CO2 emissions


We monitor our performance and systems at each stage, to ensure excellence in quality and continuous improvement.


We ensure minimal waste, consumption of resources, pollution and environmental impact from our business practices. These environmental assurances run hand in hand with our high quality standards.


We have years of experience to help you get the job done. We ensure that each and every one of our customers achieves their maximum savings potential. We 100% guarantee energy savings and make sure the correct and most suited voltage optimisation system is provided for each site we install at. We know that each site has it’s own energy characteristics, needs and consumption levels and because of this provide a tailored project solution.

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Powerstar is a registered trademark of EMSc UK Ltd. Voltage As A Service (VAAS) and Voltage Performance Contract (VPC) are registered trademarks of EMSc Asia Pacific Pty Limited.